Run a sampling program

For sampling status, monitoring, and tracking.

Key Features

  • User tracking sample status
  • Monitor EDD status 
  • Quarterly sampling workflow – workflow tracking
  • Store work/sample plans

Key Benefits

  • Automatically keep tabs on work behind schedule
  • Keep the entire team informed of schedule
  • See if all the data expected is in the database
  • Find any issues with expected samples

Modules Used

  • Dashboard
  • Workflow
  • Documents

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  1. Navigate to your project home page dashboard
    • EDD status widget shows most recent EDD’s
    • EDD status widget shows if the data has loaded successfully into your database, or if they need attention
  2. Navigate to workflow
    • Workflows can be created to:
    – What tasks need to be completed
    – When
    – By whom
    • The system automatically sends out reminders
    – Project Admins can see what tasks are behind schedule
    – Project admins can see where a task is stuck and know where to go help
    – Workflows help project managers keep all tasks on schedule
  3. Navigate to Document Library
    • Projects can store relevant documentation
    – Sample plans
    – Instructions / standard operating procedures
    – Resulting reports or findings