Courageous Innovation since 2006

ddms has been setting the bar in providing world-class environmental data services and systems for over 15 years and is only accelerating its pursuit for excellence and the generation of value for its clients.

Industry-leading environmental data expertise

de maximis Data Management Solutions (ddms) is a service-oriented company that provides world-class environmental data management services, analytics, visualization and enterprise implementation services to a multitude of industries. ddms employs industry leading project managers, scientists, database administrators, geospatial professionals, software engineers and cartographers who collectively have deep domain experience and represent the top environmental data management team in the field.

ddms believes strongly in providing project client and their stakeholders with timely, live, and intuitive access to the insights held within their environmental data.

This serves to maximize the return on investment in those data. Towards this end, ddms offers its own SaaS offering called Project Portal® and has partnered with the best software vendors to allow us to deliver for all client needs and scenarios.

Truly unique in the industry, ddms has worked hard to create a culture around innovation and always taking the high road. Scroll down to see our full list of Core Values which we live by.

Our Core Values

Always Take the High Road

The strongest guiding principle at ddms is doing right by our clients, employees and partners. Integrity is in our heart and we expect the same from those with whom we choose to work.

Five‐Star Quality

At ddms, quality is not a buzzword, it is the core of our work. With continuous improvement ever in the foreground, we strive to provide the highest level of value in every aspect of our products.


When you work with us you are part of our team. Our team respects, supports and trusts one another creating a collaborative and productive environment.

Courageous Innovation

We challenge ourselves to approach old problems with new ideas. We are curious about new possibilities and are eager to explore solutions that improve products and processes.


We are adaptive and agile. We are constantly assessing needs and navigating the changes that come from new information and remain flexible to modern technology to produce results.

We Care

We cherish relationships, both professionally and personally and are passionate about giving back to our colleagues, community and environment.