Manage users and tools

You’re in control — manage users, locations and groups as well as their permissions

Key Features

  • Manage users
  • Create and manage groups
  • Manage who has access to what (user management, group management)

Key Benefits

  • More easily manage permissions – for instance in a document library
  • Keep up with team roster
  • Tackle managing multi-organizational teams

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Quick Guide to Manage User AND tools
  1. Navigate to the project admin module
    • Only admins will have access/visibility
    • Admins can review who has project access, set permissions, and view when a user has last logged in
  2. Navigate to project admin > group management
    • Ability to create a group of users – that can be used to grant permissions as a group
    • Ability to add and remove users from a group
    • Groups are usable throughout Project Portal
  3. Users who are not admin
    • Non-admins see a “project info” module
    • Project Info shows a contact sheet – what users are part of the project and any contact information that is published
    • Users can be marked as private so they are not visible to non-admins