Check in on project status

By using a few different modules, you can easily get at-a-glance status, including operational status and task completion.

Key Features

  • Configurable dashboard widgets
  • Mobile responsive
  • Status reporting for workflow, EDD, documents
  • Key project stats/performance
  • On-demand, adaptable reports

Key Benefits

  • Get up-to-date data at a glance
  • Configure to your project’s unique needs

Modules Used

  • Dashboard
  • Workflow
  • Document
  • Reporting

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Quick Guide to CHECK IN on project Status
  1. Navigate to Dashboard
    • Dashboards are customizable
    – Projects can configure their dashboard for their needs
    – Users can also customize the dashboard for each user’s needs.
    – Request support from your project manager
    • Everyday questions can be answered
    – Is my site operational
    – Is my site in compliance
    – Did the last project report get uploaded
    – What tasks should I be working on
    – What is the status of recent EDD’s
    – What documents have recently been uploaded
    – Upcoming calendar events
    • Project portal can be viewed on a mobile devices