Perform recurring analysis and reporting

Run key reports and analytics when you need them.

Key Features

  • Use ddms-designed reports
  • Control permissions
  • Query specific data set for your tabular report
  • Develop custom reports

Key Benefits

  • Design your own reports and use as many times as needed
  • Automate recurring data analysis
  • Reports available 24×7 on demand
  • Get useful insights ‘out of the box’ with ddms-designed reports

Modules Used

  • Reporting

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Quick Guide to Perform Recurring analysis and reporting
  1. Report Module Basics
    • Reports can have data, graphs
    • Reports have a standardized format
    • All projects have access to Tier 1 reports: system reports
    • Projects with environmental data get Tier 2 reports: basic environmental data
  2. Navigate to the Report Module
    • Admins first have to publish each report – and define who has access to each report
    • Reports a user has permission for show up
    • User can run a report – and save it
  3. Custom Reports
    • If your project has unique needs, like a quarterly report, custom reports can be commissioned, inquire with your project manager
    • Recurring analysis can be automated with custom reports