Take charge of your samples and data

Let us be your navigator. Our environmental chemistry services will guide you through the analytical labyrinth to get you to your goals. 

Let us be your navigator

Our chemists have extensive experience in all areas of planning and execution of analytical processes, and assessing and interpreting data, in support of the environmental projects. Our team can help you develop proactive plans to steer you clear of obstacles that cause potential issues. Our goal is to “do it right the first time” to avoid resampling expenses. We help you chart your course and guide you throughout the entire analytical program.

Control and optimize with ddms chemists by your side

  • Planning
    • QAPP/SAP preparation or review
    • Laboratory selection
    • Proficiency Evaluation Program
    • Quality Assurance/Control Program Development
    • Method selection, modification or development
  • Auditing and Monitoring
    • Field sampling
    • Laboratory
    • On-going PE programs

  • Data review and usability
    • Implementation
    • Validation
    • Forensics
    • Data Rescue
  • Other services
    • Litigation support
    • Assist laboratories with preparation for accreditation

ddms’ team of experienced chemists will guide you through developing a plan to obtain usable data for every phase of your program

How We Work

Tell us where you need to go. What decisions will you need to make with the data? How will it be used?

We will help you get to your destination and make sure you don’t get lost on the way.

  • Get results that are usable and defensible for your purpose
  • Collect the right samples in the right places with the right sampling methods
  • Use the right methods and laboratories
  • Assess the accuracy and precision, usability, and defensibility

ddms’ team of experienced chemists will guide you through developing a plan to obtain usable data for every phase of your program, from project planning to data usability. Want to do a high-level, automated review of your results? We can help you implement EarthSoft’s EQuIS DQM (Data Qualification Module) to do a quick review of your laboratory data for data quality issues.


ddms is offering a variety of different service levels which will enable predictable and stable annual billing at contracted service levels, removing the need for ad-hoc requests. Is there a task requiring a quick response? These service levels will ensure you get immediate responses to your needs.


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