Geospatial Services

GIS Design and Deployment

A Geographic Information System, or GIS, is a technology platform for storing, retrieving, displaying, and analyzing geographic data. A GIS can be thought of as a Computer Aided Design (CAD) system, with the added ability to work in real world coordinates, access tabular attribute data associated with each geographic feature and perform spatial queries and advanced analysis on their geographic data.

By integrating spatial geographic features with a database containing data collected from those same features, ddms can create a seamless system that allows a user to model complex spatial processes. Traditionally, a GIS is run at the workstation level. With increased internet speeds, on-line or web-based GIS is now a cost effective alternative to housing and maintaining in house GIS capabilities. ddms has created dozens of internet-based GIS applications utilizing industry leading applications.

ddms’ staff of industry leading GIS professionals and developers has been developing quality GIS products and platforms for clients from environmental, pipeline, airspace, petroleum and cultural resource niches for over 10 years.

Elements of Spatial Analysis

Geographic Information Systems rely on quality data sets as obtained from multiple disciplines and technologies. Global Positioning Systems and Remotely Sensed data are two invaluable resources to any GIS. Spatial data sets may include:

  • Aerial and Satellite Photography
  • Digital Elevation Models (DEMS)
  • Global Positing System (GPS) and Field Survey Data
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) Files
  • ESRI Shapefile and Coverages
  • Scanned Historic Maps and Documents

Cartographic Product Generation

For many users, creating maps showcasing your GIS data is often the goal of using a GIS in the first place. ddms has years of experience in efficiently creating quality maps of all sizes for use in presentations, quarterly reports or community outreach meetings. ddms houses a large scale plotter in its facilities and is available to create maps of any size to meet your needs.

Advanced GIS Platform Customization with ArcObjects®

ddms’s developers include highly trained developers who are experienced in creating advanced tools for GIS interfaces utilizing ArcObjects. ArcObjects is a programming language created by Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI®) for its industry leading GIS applications including ArcGIS ArcMap®, ArcCatalog®, ArcToolBox®, ArcSDE®, ArcGIS ArcEngine®, ArcGIS ArcServer® and many other applications and extensions. These custom tools can streamline your work process or automate tasks. Contact ddms directly to talk with an ArcObjects developer to see how custom tools can benefit your processes.