Environmental Management Information Systems

Environmental Management Information Systems (EMIS) are a collection of contemporary technologies collectively used to allow a user to store, query, visualize and analyze historic and real-time environmental data. The term EMIS can refer to one application or to several software packages which when used together to form a system. Before environmental data management or analysis can be performed, a system to which to store and efficiently retrieve data must be created. Constructing the architecture of this system is in itself a service area.

ddms has over 10 years of experience in creating custom EMIS platforms and leveraging existing third party platforms for clients. ddms does not utilize a one tool fits all scenario approach, but instead listens to what the specific needs and challanges associated with any one effort are before recommending whether a third party system or custom implementation be utilized. ddms is available to select, implement and train your staff in the use of an EMIS within your organization, or to operate an EMIS for you and your project on your behalf.

A good EMIS should:

  • Allow for easy data input and import;
  • Be secure;
  • Support industry standard Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) formats;
  • Provide a robust query interface which allows you to query your environmental data by location, parameter and date;
  • Allow for easy State and Federal MCL Comparison;
  • Have allowances for data validation and verification;
  • Graph and map with flexible options;
  • Allow for flexible report generation;
  • Allow for export to third party software; and
  • Be intuitive to use

ddms Offers Industry Leading EMIS Experience

The staff at ddms is experienced in utilizing the best visualization and environmental data management packages on the market. This benefits our clients in that they do not have to pay for time needed to learn software packages but instead know that becuase we have experience with many of the products on the market, the best tool will be chosen for the job.

The staff at ddms is proud to have played an integral role in raising the bar in the EMIS market over the years and is committed to ensuring the EMIS industry as a whole reaches its potential.