Your solution for simplifying and centralizing project management from end to end

Welcome to Project Portal

Project Portal is a powerful and intuitive cloud-based SaaS offering developed by ddms to optimize data distribution, data analysis and information management across a secure platform. Incorporate Portal into your projects to significantly reduce your overall costs with faster access to data, documents and more reliable information.


The documents you need, all in one place

Searching for the perfect project hub? Upload, organize and distribute your project’s important documents across multiple organizations in the Documents Module. 

  • Multi-layered permissions give you control over who in your project can create, modify, delete and view important files


Stay prepared for big events

Prepare and plan using Project Portal’s Schedule Module. Post and share calendar entries such as milestones, deadlines, meeting dates and conference calls in an intuitive, interactive calendar. 

  • Visualize and track tasks, budget and milestones in a project Gantt chart
  • Export your events to integrate into your preferred desktop calendar software


Access project data in one click

Access custom project databases created to share, upload and calculate important data in Project Tables.

  • Create custom forms for field samples, EDDs and more
  • Export data for use outside of Project Portal


On task, all the time

Assign and track pertinent project tasks in Project Portal’s Workflow Module.  

  • Receive email notifications when it’s your turn to do your task
  • Use templated workflows to ensure consistency across your entire project
  • Stay on track with reminders and notices of upcoming and overdue actions

environmental data module

Graph, map and analyze your environmental data

Access, view and analyze your project’s chemistry and field environmental data in one, easy-to-use interface with the Environmental Data Module.

  • Query project data by sample location, parameter, date and medium
  • Further analyze your results in a dynamic table 
  • Graph, map or export your data in many different supported formats


Incorporate your spatial data

The Map Module empowers you to interact with your project’s spatial data. Pair the Map Module alongside Environmental Data to gain new insight in your project objectives, location-first.

  • Incorporate your project’s current or historic data such as aerial photography, transportation infrastructure, hydrography, contours and more
  • Map your results directly from a query in the Environmental Data Module
  • Export a report-ready map in multiple file formats

finance module

Cash in on up-to-date finances

Increase confidence in your project’s budget by eliminating the need for out-of-date spreadsheets. The Financial Module provides a collaborative environment where you can easily and securely keep your financials up to date, granting access for team members to input invoices and budget forecasts so you can focus on keeping the project on time and on budget.

  • Execute and monitor budget for project. Track costs through the purchase order and invoice workflow and have everything tie back to your estimate
  • Forecast and track cashflow actuals
  • Assign suppliers the ability to upload invoices and forecast budgets, keeping ownership of data accuracy in their hands