Why you should quit Internet Explorer

Is your web browser affecting your work? 

At ddms, we treat your data like it’s our own. We value the importance of security and web safety. A major security factor that we have been focusing on in our development team is browser security.  

You may have a general idea of browser security with occasional updates, cookie settings and cache clearings. But, did you know that which browser you use matters as well? Choosing the right browser—and staying up to date—can greatly affect your experience online. We recommend a myriad of browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.  While ddms-ers can’t agree on which browser is their favorite, they can all agree that our users should migrate from Microsoft’s legacy browser, Internet Explorer. 

Why should you quit Internet Explorer?  

Microsoft has declared end-of-life for Internet Explorer to be June 15, 2022. With it, ends any hope of patching future vulnerabilities in the aging engine. Supporting Internet Explorer has kept our development spending extra time working in older frameworks and extra time in securing Project Portal against vulnerabilities. This could be time better spent on building cool new features that help you use your data.  

Not only does Internet Explorer open your data up to vulnerabilities, but it simply doesn’t perform as well as the other browsers in the market. Test after test, year after year, Internet Explorer has always been the slowest performing browser when compared to Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Chrome, among others. Not only does Internet Explorer lag in JavaScript performance, but it lacks a lot of compatibility with current HTML5 standards for rendering content. Moving on from Internet Explorer will allow your user experience to function as designed.  

How else does ddms keep data secure?  

Within Project Portal, we have built a sophisticated permissions model to safeguard your project’s data. One of our more recent developments, User Types, allows you to create a standard set of access levels that you can then apply to new and existing users. By setting up User Types in your project, you can be confident that each user is seeing everything you want them to and nothing you don’t. Contact your Project Portal Administrator to learn more. 

Closer to home, one of ddms’ core values, Courageous Innovation, truly comes to play in this space. Our development team, project managers and data analysts consistently follow industry best practices and trends in order to pass along security to our clients. Many of our business partnerships require and encourage yearly training and compliance practices. Ultimately, we at ddms strive to empower our clients and users to take secure actions in order to make powerful, data-driven decisions.  

Are you convinced yet? Visit our Project Portal Help Page to download a safe browser.