Energy Support Services

Recognized Energy GIS Innovators

GIS has played a pivotal role in the energy sector from exploration & production, environmental permitting, construction to operations and maintenance. With the relatively recent advances in web-based GIS, mobile applications and cloud computing, this is the case more so than ever. ddms is a nationally recognized innovator in leveraging high-end GIS technologies in the energy sector and can bring a wealth of experience to bear on your short or long term energy project.

Energy Services Include:

  • Oil/Natural Gas Production Well Siting
  • Wind Turbine & Facility Siting
  • Route Analysis for Multi-state Pipeline Projects
  • Emergency Response & Contingency Planning
  • Feasibility Study Reviews
  • Interactive Web-services
  • GPS Data Collection
  • Electric Transmission Line Routing

Environmental Data
Management and Analysis

ddms’ experienced staff can assist with assembling data from a myriad of sources to quickly evaluate the constraints that affect the siting or routing of proposed facilities. Impact analysis can be quickly calculated and mapped for sensitive resources with readily available geospatial databases. ddms has created a number of tables, maps and typical construction graphics that have been integral parts of project permitting and scoping packages.

ddms believes strongly in putting data into the hands of experts and end users that need it and has done so with the deployment of web mapping services, KML files and layer packages.