About Us

A Service Oriented Company Since 2006

de maximis Data Management Solutions (ddms) is a service oriented company that provides world-class environmental data management, analysis and visualization services to the environmental remediation, energy, natural resource industries and engineering community. ddms employs industry leading project managers, scientists, database administrators, geospatial analysts, programmers and cartographers whom provide their clients with value services that advance their business and technical project objectives and positions.

ddms believes strongly in providing project stakeholders with timely, live, and intuitive access to data with efficiency. This serves to maximize the return on investment in those data as they are converted into project knowledge. ddms utilizes off the shelf software and/or its cloud-based environmental project intelligence platform termed Project Portal™ towards this end.

Project Portal™

Project Portal currently provides environmental project resources to over 3,000 users and has a strong history of performance, uptime, and reliability. Project Portal is a powerful yet intuitive cloud-based internet application developed specifically to optimize data distribution, data analysis and document exchange. Project Portal brings data, documents, interactive map, analytics and schedules together to a common secure platform and provides intuitive tools to access and manipulate these data.

Project Portal has been proven to significantly increase the speed and reliability to which data and documents are distributed and organized for access by authorized personnel, thereby reducing overall project costs.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know ddms. To inquire about working with ddms in any capacity, please contact us directly at (651) 842-4224.