Energy Asset Management Systems

ddms has successfully created, hosted and delivered mission critical geospatially-oriented asset management systems for its upstream and midstream Energy clients. ddms offers both custom and turnkey solutions and works with each client to understand their needs and goals before suggesting a fit.

These systems provide a centralized robust common workspace to which geographically disparate project teams can collaborate on matters spanning from well placement, easement audits to pipeline construction status.

All ddms systems are hosted in the cloud in a SSAE-16 certified facility.

Project Portal™ for Energy Projects

ddms’ secure web-based Project Portal system has proven itself to be an invaluable team tool in providing collaboration space through Document Management, Calendar, Environmental Database and robust interactive GIS Module which supports editing from the field. ddms continues to work with its clients to create business-specific cost and time saving solutions to address routing, facility siting, change management, survey needs, construction and mitigation efforts. ddms deploys these tools to its clients through its Project Portal framework. Examples include…

* The Project Portal Inline Inspection (ILI) tool for GIS efficiently evaluate dig-site locations identified by ILI reporting for regulation efforts. The ILI interface allows environmental consultants to import dig-site locations and quickly analyze which sites require further action due to their proximity to high consequence resources.

* The Pipeline Fluid Loss Estimator for Project Portal is a tool that allows pipeline contingency planners to quickly analyze the potential spill volume of a pipeline in the event of a release based on pipeline valve locations and topography.

* Project Portal Data Logger is a flexible Tablet PC client application that allows users to collect field data through the use of custom forms, and then wirelessly upload them into the Project Portal database. The Project Portal Data Logger Module then allows information to be vetted by an authorized user before they are ultimately committed to the master database where they can be accessed, analyzed and reported by other authorized users.

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